NRSP1 Report Q1 2019

Impact Reporting Update_2019_Q1_FINAL_optimized

Q1 NIMSS Updates:

Current NIMSS

Removed inactive projects from assigned review

Added project number to aa_invite_participant email

Added RSAs to the AA list

Removed the ability to delete stations / station profiles from all but system administrators (development team)

Added deleted stations back to NIMSS (retrieved these deleted records from daily system backup files stored on Amazon S3)

Completed system audit for database backups and file backups

Corrected issue with NRSP region reviews that was causing application to crash

Corrected Appendix H loading issue (orphaned records were causing an intermittent crash)

Modified Participant registration flow to include Chris instead of Sarah

Removed Sarah Lupis from all system emails / deactivated her account

Modified Station Director email chain to remove them from project approval workflow


New NIMSS (in development)

Continue work on hosting both application on same server (updates required to current nimbus dependencies to allow for the application to run on newer OS)

Miscellaneous Bug fixes in reviews, project impacts and NIFA letter searches

QA processes on system emails / email administration

Backup of old NIMSS to new NIMSS server in case of emergency