NRSP-1 serves two critical functions for the State Agricultural Experiment Station (SAES) System. First, it supports the National Information Management and Support System (NIMSS). NIMSS was designed to facilitate the management of multistate research and Extension activities supported by the Hatch Multistate Research Fund (MRF), from conception of the proposal to project termination. NIMSS is a web-based application allowing: (1) online submission of proposals, peer reviews and progress reports, and (2) ready access to this information. The second important function that NRSP-1 serves is the communication of impacts from multistate research and Extension activities to decision-makers and stakeholders. Second, the impact communications component of NRSP-1 enhances the visibility of Land-grant institutions and the success of multistate research projects. Impact statements are prepared by a communications specialist. NRSP-1 efforts are funded based on an off-the-top mechanism tied to the latest five-year project.

A NRSP-1 Management Committee with representation from regional associations, director’s office staff from across regions, NIFA and the Administrative Advisers serve as stakeholder representatives from ESS charged to address assessment issues and to help evaluate the effectiveness of outreach efforts. The representatives will be responsible for collecting information from the institutions in their respective regions or associations to reflect the effectiveness of the NIMSS and the impact communications programs in meeting their needs and objectives.

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NameCommittee PositionAffiliationEmail
Steve LoringChair, AA WAAESDsloring@nmsu.edu
Jeff JacobsenMember, Lead AANCRAjjacobsn@msu.edu
Christina HamiltonMember, NIMSS LeadNCRAchristina.hamilton@wisc.edu
Member, Impact Communications LeadWAAESD
Adel ShirmohammadiMember, AANERAashirmo@umd.edu
Keith OwensMember, AASAAESDkeith.owens@okstate.edu
Alton ThompsonMember, Executive DirectorARDathompson1@ncat.edu
Richard RhodesMember, Executive DirectorNERArcrhodes@uri.edu
David LeibovitzMember, CoordinatorNERAdavid_leibovitz@uri.edu
Eric YoungMember, Executive DirectorSAAESDeric_young@ncsu.edu
Donna PearceMember, Assistant to the Executive DirectorSAAESDdonna_pearce@ncsu.edu
Mike HarringtonMember, Executive DirectorWAAESDmichael.harrington@colostate.edu
Julie EstradaMember, NIMSS UserNCRAestradaja@purdue.edu
Robin WilliamsMember, NIMSS UserSAAESDrobinp@vt.edu
Kristen BoydLiaisonNIFA Kristen.Boyd@nifa.usda.gov
Sara DelheimerEx-officioESS Impact Writersara.delheimer@colostate.edu