BLC Monthly Meeting

September BLC Meeting- In Person at agInnovation 2023 meeting in Grand Rapids.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Welcome – Anton
  • Approval of the August meeting notes
  • Charge from incoming agInnovation Chair-George Smith
  • Discussion with LBA and possible questions/topics for starting discussions- Elizabeth
    • In what ways does the agInnovation BLC currently bring value to LBA and what other ways can we bring value to LBA?
    • What should the BLC ask for/expect from its relationship with LBA? What is reasonable? What goes outside the scope?
    • What should be areas of focus on which we haven’t focused in the past? What does LBA/APLU mean when they talk about a broader portfolio beyond “ag”?
    • Many AESs focus energy on working with state legislatures. While many of these vary based on each state, how can those state-focused strategies be better incorporated into developing a national strategy, and vice versa?
    • How do we strategically connect foci/strengths of different universities into a united and integrated national picture?
    • To what extent should professional societies be leveraged to more a national vision forward?
  • Other business

August Meeting Minutes BLC_min_20230822