2023 Excellence in Multistate Research Award Recipient – Photos

Photos from NCERA-137: Soybean Diseases

In collaboration with regional nematologists, Greg Tylka (Iowa State University) and NCERA-137 members Kaitlyn Bissonnette (University of Missouri) and Sam Markell (North Dakota State University) look for cysts on soybean roots. Photo by The SCN Coalition.

NCERA-137 member Travis Faske (University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture) educates consultants and farmers on soybean disease and nematode management research. Photo by University of Arkansas System, Cooperative Extension Agricultural Communication Services.

NCERA-137 member Damon Smith (University of Wisconsin), educates growers on soybean disease management at a field day. Photo by Anders Gurda, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

At Michigan State University, PhD student Alejandro Rojas from the lab of NCERA-137 member Martin Chilvers conducts screening of oomycete pathogens of soybean. Photo from Michigan State University.

NCERA-137 member Dean Malvick (University of Minnesota) presents at an event in Minnesota. Photo by the University of Minnesota Extension.

NCERA-137 member, Dylan Mangel (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) presents research on phytophthora root rot, a soilborne disease that causes significant damage to soybeans.  Photo by Tamra Jackson-Ziems.

NCERA-137 member Ed Sikora (Auburn University in Alabama) collects kudzu leaves infected with soybean rust. Photo by Amy Dismukes.


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