NRSP1 Report Q4 2018

Impact Reporting Update_2018_Q4_FINAL20190122_optimized

NIMSS Updates from September 2018 to January 2019:

    1. Fixed deployment issue where signatures uploaded to accounts were being deleted upon code update.
    2. Updated email service provider to use proper domain name instead of development (this allows us to do more comprehensive email tracking to uncover email issues quicker)
    3. Removed region check from Project Proposals index page to allow proposals to show even if the proposal is not in a user’s region.
    4. Fixed bug in advanced project search to allow for start / end date searches with other term searches.
    5. Fixed Appendix H pdf layout issues.
    6. Updated NIFA director on system emails. (Removed Toija Riggings and added Kristen Boyd).
    7. Removed Sarah Lupis from list of RSAs / updated system emails to purge her from outgoing messages.
    8. Added CSV to station proposals view.
    9. Added CSV to proposals participants view.
    10. Changes Report rejections to put report back to draft mode instead of rejected mode.
    11. Added new directory for Administrative Advisors by project.
    12. Created bulk email feature for emailing at the AAs of multiple projects.
    13. Numerous text modifications throughout system.
    14. Completed data security audit to ensure all data is being backed up on a nightly basis.
    15. Applied all changes listed above to Prototype version of NIMSS 2.
    16. Completed PDF integration for NIMSS 2.
    17. Completed SEAS integration for NIMSS 2.
    18. Reworked NIMSS 2 email system to use Listeners instead of Events.
    19. Adjusted NIMSS 2 project views for menu consistency.