NRSP1 Report Q3 2018

Impact Reporting Update_2018_Q3_FINAL20181008_optimized

NIMSS Updates (since June 2018)

New Features
· Added Boolean to advanced search for extending search capabilities

· Created report to view recently approved projects

· Prevented usernames from containing leading/trailing spaces

· Corrected “AA_invite” email

· Ensured user has the required edit privilege on the “My Proposals” webpage

· Disabled testing servers from sending emails to users

· Ensured station profiles selection list can show only active users

Miscellaneous Changes
· Changed NIFA director to Toija Riggins

· Updated the content in system emails for the new NIFA director

New NIMSS Progress
More than 10,000 lines of code were added or modified in an effort to make the website stable

Main Components Involved

· Email & Event System

· Meeting

· Project

· User Registration

· Login & Password Reset

· Appendix E

· PDF View/Download