The National Research Support Project (NRSP) Review Committee (RC) is charged with establishing criteria for annual review of NRSPs and for review of proposals for revised or new NRSPs; annually reviewing progress and budget for existing NRSPs; developing and overseeing the process of review of proposals for revised and new NRSPs including selection of reviewers, establishment of protocols for the review, and development of the specific charges to the review panel; recommending to ESS the establishment of new NRSPs, continuation of revised NRSPs and continuation of existing NRSPs; advocating for the NRSP system by assuring a documentation system is in place including development of impact analysis; and assuring that the NRSP portfolio is monitored and is responsive to research support needs identified by ESCOP or the NRSP Review Committee.

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NameCommittee PositionAffiliationEmail
Fred ServelloChairNERAfred.servello@maine.edu
Rick RhodesExecutive Vice-ChairNERArcrhodes@uri.edu
Shirley Hymon-ParkerMemberARDsjhymonp@ncat.edu
Doug BuhlerMemberNCRAbuhler@anr.msu.edu
Mark McGuireMemberWAAESDmmcguire@uidaho.edu
Keith OwensMemberSAAESDkeith.owens@okstate.edu
Jeff JacobsenMember, Executive DirectorNCRAjjacobsn@msu.edu
Don LathamMemberCARETdonel@frontiernet.net
Tom BewickMemberNIFAtbewick@nifa.usda.gov
Ron BrownMemberECOPrab2@msstate.edu
David LeibovitzCoordinator, Ex-officioNERAdavid_leibovitz@uri.edu