The Communication and Marketing Committee (CMC) oversees and guides the Communications and Marketing Project (CMP). The CMP is a coordinated and targeted educational effort to increase awareness of the Land-grant University agricultural and related programs, Agricultural Experiment Stations and Cooperative Extension Services. The CMP is supported by three sections of the APLU Board on Agriculture – Administrative Heads (AHS), Cooperative Extension (CES) and Experiment Station (ESS).

The CMC is the policy making body that oversees the development, implementation and effectiveness of this targeted educational effort, including coordination with APLU and consulting firms hired to advance this initiative. The CMC is the responsible entity specified in the contract between APLU and kglobal and in the contract between APLU and Cornerstone Government Affairs for oversight of the work as it relates to the CMP.

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NameCommittee PositionAffiliationEmail
Mark LatimoreChairARDlatimorm@fvsu.edu
Steve LoringIncoming ChairWAAESDsloring@nmsu.edu
Beverly DurganPast ChairNorth Central AHSbdurgan@umn.edu
Alan GrantAHS ChairSouthern AHSalgrant@vt.edu
Deb HamernikESCOP ChairNCRAdhamernik2@unl.edu
Ed JonesECOP ChairASREDejones1@vt.edu
Nancy CoxAHSSouthern AHSncox@email.uky.edu
Mark RiegerESSNERAmrieger@udel.edu
Steve BonnanoCESNEEDSCBonanno@mail.wvu.edu
Cynda ClaryACOPSouthern APScynda.clary@okstate.edu
Faith PeppersACEUniversity of Georgiapepper@uga.edu
Rick MertensCGATAMUrichard.mertens@tamu.edu
National Impacts Database
Rebecca WalthCARETNorth Central CARETwalth@valleytel.net
Ian MawAHS Executive DirectorAPLUIMaw@APLU.ORG
Jenny NuberLiaisonkglobaljenny.nuber@kglobal.com
Hunt ShipmanLiaisonCGAhshipman@cgagroup.com
Rick KlemmeExecutive DirectorECOPrklemme@aplu.org
Rick RhodesExecutive Vice-ChairNERArcr3@uri.edu
David LeibovitzAssistant Executive Vice-Chair, ex-officioNERAdavid_leibovitz@uri.edu